Refrigeration and cooling

We offer you simply the best pump technology for refrigeration applications

Industrial refrigeration and cooling technology is required to meet the highest quality standards. HERMETIC offers an efficient, reliable quality pump for your refrigeration plants. Hermetically sealed pumps ensure a safe and controlled way of pumping refrigerants. You will profit from the following features by using a HERMETIC refrigerant pump:

  • Leak and maintenance-free pump technology
  • Long service life
  • Low operating costs
  • Spare parts are available for fast and immediate delivery

One pump, all applications! Our new-generation refrigerant pumps have been designed for all applications:

  • Pump for ammonia NH3
  • Pump for CO2
  • Pump for water-glycol mixtures
  • Pump for lithium bromide LiBr

HERMETIC canned motor pumps have been used in a wide range of applications for more than 5 decades:

  • Food industry: cold storage, cooling and deep-freezing with natural and synthetic refrigerants
  • Leisure and sports facilities: for example bobsled courses, ice rinks and hockey stadiums
  • Electronic and power converter modules in mobile (railway) and stationary (offshore wind-turbine) applications
  • Refrigeration modules in the chemical industry; pumps that can be used in potentially-explosive atmospheres are also available
  • Freeze-drying and oil-cooling systems for transformers
  • Databases: CO2 server room cooling and control cabinets
  • Absorption refrigeration applications with lithium bromide and NH3

HERMETIC single stage pump type CNF

HERMETIC multi stage pump type CAM

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