Bitumen and asphalt

Internal gear pump for bitumen and asphalt products

Heating and cooling jackets guarantee the performance of the pump in a start-up or a shut-down procedure. They also provide the pump with the best condition for the seals during operation. Different options: thermal oil, steam or electrical heating.

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Centrifugal pump for thermal oil

Centrifugal pump for ethylene glycol water solution, thermal oil, hot water

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Polyurethane plates for wear protection

The choice of Shore hardness is an important criterion for optimum wear protection. Hawiflex® polyurethane sheets can be set in the hardness range from 65 to 90 Shore A during manufacture, depending on the application. According to your data or drawings, we can manufacture Hawiflex® polyurethane anti-wear sheets in any desired size and shape as well as in many colours.

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