Canned motor pump

Canned motor sealless pumps are developed to eliminate the liquid leakage to the atmosphere. They guarantee maximum safety for people and the environment. They are used whenever liquids and gases have to be pumped at extreme temperatures and under potentially hazardous conditions, or whenever conventional technologies reach their limits. The pumps offer complete reliability, even at the highest pressures and performance levels. High system pressures, large temperature fluctuations, fluids extremely difficult to convey – HERMETIC pumps were developed for such extreme conditions.

Canned motor pumps are preferred in the chemical and petrochemical industry, but also for simple pumping tasks, such as circulating pumps in industrial refrigeration equipment. Always the best option for aggressive, toxic, explosive, hot, cryogenic, malodorous, volatile, flammable, carcinogenic fluids and substances.

The company HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH maintains a world leading position in the global market of sealless pumps and is been more than 60 years dedicated to the invention, design and production of hermetically sealed centrifugal pumps.


  • Pump for ammonia NH3, pump for CO2
  • Pump for solvents, acids and alkalis
  • Pump for gasoline, diesel oil, petroleum products
  • Pump for ethylene, ethanol, methanol, amine, propane, propylene
  • Pump for LPG, LNG

More about HERMETIC canned motor pumps

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