Gear pump

Gear pumps are preferred selection for transfer of viscous liquids


  • Gear pump for bitumen
  • Gear pump for diesel oil, crude oil, lube oil, mazut etc.
  • Gear pump for sodium silicate, acids, plastics, mixed chemicals, isocyanates etc.
  • Gear pump for paint and ink
  • Gear pump for resins and adhesives
  • Gear pump for acid, soap, lye, black liquor, kaolin, lime, latex, sludge etc.
  • Gear pump for additives, soup, paraffine, emulsions
  • Gear pump for chocolate, cacao butter, fillers, sugar, vegetable fats and oils, molasses, animal food etc.

Technical Data 

Casing:Cast iron, Cast steel, Ductile iron, Stainless steel
Idler:Cast iron, Stainless steel, Steel
Rotor:Cast iron, Nodular iron, Stainless steel
Max. capacity:130 m3/h
Max. differential pressure:25 bar
Max. temperature:300 °C
Max. viscosity:80 000 cP

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