Heavy duty slurry pump

Armoured slurry dredge pumps are used in the mining and mineral industry, raw material extraction and energy industry, steel industry, chemical industry, pigment industry, sugar industry, sand & gravel, tunneling and special civil engineering.
The focus is on customized pumps, many of which have been in operation for more than 60 years without any problems. 

The suspension which is going to be pumped is critical for the right choice of the pump. Slurry pumps are specially designed for fluid mixes with a high content of solid materials. Therefore, the pump components need to be particularly robust in design.

We offer various models for different cases. When choosing a pump, we examine exactly the purpose for which it will be used and which conditions prevail on site. This way, we can always recommend the optimal pump.

More about Habermann heavy duty slurry pumps

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