Mining and power plants


HABERMANN – pumps are specialized for hydraulic transport of fluids (hydromixtures) with a high content of solid and abrasive particles such as ash and slag,
ground ore, chemically aggressive sludge and so on. They are characterized by exceptional reliability, long service life and unsurpassed wear resistance

Technical data
Discharge sizeDN 80 to DN 500
Q up to 5000 m³ / h
H up to 90 m
Rotation speed up to 1500 rpm
p up to 10/16 bar

Excavator pumps are ideal for hydraulic transport of materials such as sand, gravel, tailings, ground ore, sludge and so on.
An excavator pump mounted on a mammalian excavator is the most efficient and cost-effective way of extracting gravel and sand,
when considering the cost per tonne of extracted material.

VICTOR PUMPS – Self-priming centrifugal pumps are used as drainage pumps.
These pumps can be powered by an electric, petrol or diesel engine and can transport clean water and dirty mud water with solid particles, sand or sludge.
They can be on a base plate, or mobile-on a two-wheeled trailer with a drawbar.

High-capacity mobile pumps powered by a diesel engine on a trailer with two wheels and a drawbar:

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