OBL produce Metering pumps including plunger, mechanical diaphragm and hydraulic diaphragm types.

Metering pump types:

  • M Series – robust and reliable spring return mechanical diaphragm pump
  • R Series – plunger metering pumps
  • XRN Series – first compact hydraulic diaphragm pump with integrated safety valve
  • H Series – specifically designed for wine, beer and fruit juices filtration
  • L Series – capable of handling pressures up to 500 barg (7.252 psi) and flow rates up to 5.500 lt (1.210 gph) in single-head configuration
  • XL Series – rugged and very accurate single-block positive return hydraulic diaphragm pumps suitable for high demanding 24/7 industrial applications
  • LX9 Series – ideal solution for a wide spectrum of industrial dosing processes
Technical data
Flow rate0,2-5500 l/h
Working pressureup to 500 barg
MaterialAISI 316, PP, PVDF,PVC, HAST C liquid end
Viscosity55.000 cps
Fluid temperaturesup to 280 °C
Power consumption0,18 kW-0,24hp motor
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