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Canned motor pumps in use at petrochemical plant

During the modernisation of an ethane cracker plant, HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH supplied two 12-stage, sealless, canned motor pumps from the CAM 32/6 + 6 series. With this petrochemical plant, the provision of raw materials to the company-owned plastics manufacturers at the integrated site is ensured.

HERMETIC canned motor pumps for high-temperature applications in the chemical industry

Whether providing process heat or fulfilling the pumping process – in numerous industrial and technical processes, the pump technology used must cope with extremely high temperatures and the high pressures that often accompany them. With leakage-free and durable canned motor pumps, HERMETIC-Pumpen GmbH offers a comprehensive pump concept that has several advantages over other pumping technologies in high-temperature applications. The self-cooled and externally cooled series up to API685 including different motors for high temperatures and heat exchanger variants as well as suitable measurement and control technology offer system operators a pump solution perfectly matching their application. The secondary containment and other design features ensure safe and continuous system operation with low life cycle costs.